Rent To Own


 If overly stringent lending criteria are pushing the home-ownership dream out of your reach then Rent To Own could be the answer for you.

Rent To Own is a great way to home ownership for people on modest incomes who haven't been able to build up a bank deposit and secure finance through more conventional means.

Rent To Own has helped thousands of first time buyers around the world. We can help you secure your first home, allowing you to move in as a rent-paying tenant with some of that rent going towards buying your house.

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 Are You...

  • Self-employed?
  • Bankrupt but have good income?
  • Having trouble saving the deposit required for a bank loan?

Do You...

  • Have capital tied up in a business venture?
  • A bad credit history?
  • Not yet have residency?
  • Want a better area than the bank says you can afford?

Then Rent To Own could be perfect for You.