Rent To Own

Are You...

  • Self-employed?
  • Bankrupt but have good income?

Do You...

  • Have capital tied up in a business venture?
  • A bad credit history?
  • Not yet have residency?
  • Want a better area then the bank says you can afford?

How Rent To Own Works

With our Rent to Own programme you move in now, lock in the price, and then buy in the future when it suits you.

There are no hidden costs and everything is detailed in a legal agreement which we explain thoroughly to you before anything is signed. You are free to get independent legal advice if you wish to.

Your Rent to Own contract will run for a specified period , such as 2 years or 5 years, and you may purchase outright at any time within this period or wait until the end of the period. You then have considerable equity built up in your home which means that you can get a bank loan if you wish to. You also have a proven savings record through your rent credit. It's like a savings scheme but you get to live in your home straight away.

Rent To Own has helped thousands of first time buyers around the world. We will help you secure your new home, allowing you to move in immediately as a rent-paying tenant with some of that rent going towards buying your house.


The Advantages of Rent To Own

Gets you into your home immediately

Helps you save a deposit

Helps you qualify for a bank loan

Flexible payments to suit your cicumstances

Try out the neighborhood before you buy

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